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Circuit Math: Voltage, Resistance, and Current (ages 12+)
In this project, you are a scientist who has been charged with discovering the mathematical relationship among voltage, resistance, and current in simple circuits. You are in a race with other scientists to see who can make this discovery first and claim all the credit. You will build circuits with the same voltage but different levels of resistance. You will see what happens to the current when you change the resistance. NOTE: This project includes Teacher/Leader Notes at the back of the project documentation.
You Will Need:
• Two AA batteries and a battery holder
• Resistors with different levels of resistance
• A digital multi meter
• A breadboard
• An LED
• Alligator clips, jumper wires, two short copper wires
• See the project Parts Sheet for details
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Learn the Python Programming Language (ages 10+)
This set of activities from Hulaloop uses the Pythonroom learning environment to teach kids how to program in Python. Python is a real-world, professional programming language -- yet, it is fairly straightforward. Pythonroom guides kids bit by bit through Python syntax to create programs like a Pig Latin translator, the Rock, Paper, Scissors game, a secret code generator and more.
You Will Need:
• A computer with a web browser and Internet access
• A free account at PythonRoom that the project will guide you to create
Build a Morse Code Transmitter (ages 10+)
In this project, you will build a simple circuit that can be used to send and receive messages with friends using Morse Code.

Project kits for this project are now available. Click here to go to our products page. We'd be happy to help! Or, if you just need help finding electronics parts that will work for you, we have a bundle of things you can order from Amazon here.

There is also a project video available on Youtube here.
You Will Need:
• 2 AA batteries
• Battery holder
• An LED
• A resistor
• Alligator clips (see project details)
• Cardstock, paper, tape, and foil
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Group Activity: What Invention Am I? (ages 9+)
This is a group activity that can be played with as few as 2 people and as many as you can manage in a room. Kids and grown-ups will each have an invention attached to their back, and they will have to ask questions to figure out what invention they have. Suggested questions are included. We visited a school to do this activity with some 4th and 5th graders and had a great time.

Want us to send you a ready-to-go kit? Send email to info@2025labs.com. We'd be happy to help!'
You Will Need:
• Print-outs of the images in this activity
• Print-outs of the question suggestion cards included in this activity packet
• Tape or binder clips to attach each image to a player's back
• Other people to play with!

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Use Materials to Build a Structure that can Withstand Earthquakes
Engineers must design structures for what the earth might put it up against, including earthquakes. This project is to design an earthquake-proof structure by choosing good materials.
You Will Need:
• Gum drops
• Toothpicks
• Prepared Tray of Jell-O

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Bouncing Balls of Different Materials
On a school playground, you might find many different kinds of balls, made from different materials. Different materials have different properties. In this project, you get to experiment with the “bouncy-ness” of balls made from different materials.
You Will Need:
• Bouncy Ball
• Tennis Ball
• Golf Ball
• Basketball
• Volleyball
• Yard Stick
• Masking Tape
• Concrete sidewalk or patio

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Different Machines to Power a Car
This project is a corkboard toy car launcher. This project demonstrates the idea of stored energy. Energy is stored in the rubber band when you pull it back, and transferred to the car when you release it. You can also create a ramp to give the car lift.
You Will Need:
• 12 inch x 12 inch Corkboard
• 2 Push Pins
• 1 Long rubber band
• 1 Paper clip
• 1 Toy car
• Masking Tape

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