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Hints for Logic Puzzles:
First fill in the obvious answers. Use a checkmark to identify the right answers, and an X to identify answers that cannot be right.

For each checkmark, put an X in each of the other possibilities that turned out to be wrong. For example, in the women leaders puzzle, if you find out that a particular person has the Computer Science degree, then she doesn't have any of the other degree choices - put X's for each of those for her. And, no one else has that degree - so put X's for each other person for the Computer Science degree. By process of elimination, you will eventually discover all the right answers. You might need to make a few passes through the hints, though - keep trying!
Logic Puzzle: Women Technology Leaders
Match each female technology leader with her company and role, and the college degree that helped her get there. Use the hints above to help you solve the puzzle. Keep working at it!
Logic Puzzle: Women Inventors
Match each female inventor with her invention and the year of the invention. Use the hints above to help you solve the puzzle. Keep working at it!
Puzzle materials
Logic Puzzle: Materials
Use the hints to identify which material is which. Solve the puzzle to learn about materials inventions!
Cipher: What did Einstein say?
Use the substitution cipher legend (below the blue box) to discover a famous quote by renowned, Nobel-prize winning physicist Albert Einstein.